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Pay attention to food compatibility


Shrimp + vitamin C= poisoning
2, cold medicine + Coke = poisoning
Eggs bogey saccharin cade-to-food poisoning, death
Bean curd honey be cadeful with food deafness
Kelp avoid pig blood cade-to-be with food constipation
Potatoes avoid bananas be cade-to-eat raw freckles
Beef avoid brown sugar cade-to-be with food flatulence dead
Dog meat taboo eel cadez-pusher with food is dead
Mutton avoid snails be cadeful with food food distention
Celery avoid rabbit meat cade-to-cade-to-food hair
Tomatoes avoid mung beans be pusuant to food hurt vitality
Goose bogey pear cade-to-be kidney food injury
Onions avoid honey be cadeful with food hurt eyes
Snakehead eggplant causeless to eat stomach pain
Turtle bogey amaranth cade-to-food poisoning
16, preserved egg cream brown sugar ┄ ┄ sick with fresh
Ginseng taboo radish be cadeful with food accumulation food stagnation gas
Liquor avoid persimmon be pushy with food heart dull
Sweet potatoes and persimmon - will get stones
Radish and agaric - skin inflammation
Taro and banana -- bloating
22. Peanuts and cucumbers -- harm the kidneys
Beef and chestnuts - cause vomiting
24. Crab and persimmon -- Diarrhea
Carp and licorice - can be toxic
Mutton avoid watermelon - - with food injury vitality
Goose avoid eggs - - with food injury
Pork bogey water chestnut - with stomach pain
Dog meat bogey mung beans - with food easy to eat poisoning
Horsemeat agaric - with food cholera
Beef avoid hair ginger - - with food poisoning death
Lamb bogey dried vegetables - with food heart stuffy
Chicken avoid mustard - - with food injury
Donkey avoid yellow flower - with food heartache fatal
Rabbit avoid cabbage - with food easy to vomit
Sea crab avoid jujube - - easy to get malaria with food
Mustard bogey pear - - with food vomited
Radish fruit is bad for thyroid
Turtle eel and crab pregnant women avoid
Eggs to eat anti-inflammatory tablets
Soy milk nutrition should not be washed eggs
Spinach tofu color beauty is not suitable
Carrots and radishes rush each other
Tomatoes and cucumbers can't be eaten together

Foods not suitable for eating:
1. Sprouted, green potatoes are poisonous and cannot be eaten
2. Fresh day lily is poisonous and cannot be eaten.
3, not fried beans, lentils toxic, can not eat.
4, old chicken head (more than 5 years old chicken head) have big poison, can not eat.
5, tender fried pork liver, contains toxins, not eat.
6. Century-old eggs and popcorn contain a lot of lead and are not suitable for children.
Burnt food can not eat, after eating prone to cancer.
Rotten ginger is very toxic, can necrotic liver cells, must not eat.
9, raw soybean oil contains benzene, will destroy the hematopoietic system, not to eat.
Long boiled water contains nitrite, eating is prone to cancer.
Too hot food can not eat, easy to burn the digestive tract to cause cancer.
Uncooked soya-bean milk can not eat, eat easy to poisoning.
13, pickled food contains carcinogens, should not eat more.
Baked meat skewers and fish fillets contain carcinogens, which should not be eaten more.
Persimmon empty take easy to stomach persimmon stones, do not eat.
16, food additives, artificial food elements, spices, essence, century eggs, instant noodles, lunch meat, fried food should not eat more.

Diet song:
Salt and vinegar are good anti-virus and anti-inflammatory.
Chives tonify kidney and warm knee waist.
Radish reduces phlegm and flatulence.
Celery can lower high blood pressure.
Pepper cools and dehumidifies,
Scallion spicy ginger soup for cold.
Garlic inhibits gastroenteritis,
Mung beans are the best way to relieve the heat.
Pears are good for moistening lungs and reducing phlegm.
Nourish the stomach and kidney red dates.
Tomatoes make blood beautiful,
Eggs are rich in intelligence and nutrition.
Peanuts can lower cholesterol.
The melon reduces swelling and diuresis.
Fish and shrimp can nourish the milk,
The liver of an animal has a clear eye.
Shengjin anshen number plum,
Runfei black hair food walnut.
Honey moistens lung and reduces phlegm.
The joy of grapes is youth.
Bananas relieve stomach fire,
Apples are high in antidiarrheal nutrition.
Kelp contains calcium and sulfur,
Mushrooms inhibit cancer cells.
Cabbage diuretic toxin,
Cauliflower often eat cancer less!


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